the hedges and the hibiscus (ivorymittens) wrote,
the hedges and the hibiscus

a few hours ago i said to a sexually frustrated kaitlyn, 'i transfer the conquest of jordy to you. i'm over it.'

right now she is at his house.

these things move quickly.

there is a twinge of illogical jealousy, but mostly i am squeakingly happy for her and i know she will share with me all the sordid details.

it was all,
k; 'i want sex, who can i harass? jordy?'
a; 'yeah!'
k; 'how can i phrase it without sounding desperate?'
a; 'how about 'hey, wanna come over tonight?''
k; 'perfect! sent it!'
a; 'yay!'
k; 'omg omg omg omg, he said 'yes. where you at?''

paraphrased slightly. then we had a conversation about piercings. jordy has nostril/tragus. we wonder if he has any else. she is probably discovering right now. oh my! i am excited.

there is the understanding that should christopher and i break up, kaitlyn and i will share. we have shared boys before, namely, the disappointment that is brad trull (he was a disappointment to both of us, therefore we happily conclude the issue is with him and not with our sexiness).


christopher and i are going swimmingly.
i think i'm still in love with him, but i'm not mentioning that word until he does.
well, that is a lie.
it slipped out of me once,
in a conversation of the physical deformities we have ...
we both have rather large noses
and ribcage deformities
i have pectus excavatum (sunken sternum)
and he has almost the opposite, his ribcage pokes out a bit.
he was being insecure, and in a slip of the tongue i said
'i don't mind, i love you with your deformities.'
then i swallowed and said
'oh, i just said that word, didn't i.'
he teased me and said i had probably been blogging about whether or not to use the l word for ages.
this got my hackles up because well i hadn't
in fact i'd been wondering if it was worth it
but oh well.

and we all go nuts about this little blonde boy.

one and a half weeks and my boyfriend is gone.
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